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                                                      A Flashlight is a portable lighting tool that usually consists of a light bulb and a power source. Its main purpose is to provide lighting in dark environments. Flashlights are typically small, lightweight, easy to carry, and can be activated with the push of a button or toggle switch. They use various power sources such as dry cells, rechargeable batteries or solar cells.

                                                      Flashlights have a wide range of applications in many fields. For example, in outdoor activities, flashlights can provide campers with light to help them carry out activities at night. In an emergency, a flashlight can serve as a backup light. In homes, flashlights can be used to find items, repair furniture, and more. Flashlights are also used by police, firefighters and rescue workers for search and rescue missions.

                                                      Flashlights also have some special features. For example, some flashlights have a brightness adjustment function that allows you to adjust the light intensity as needed. There are also flashlights that have a beacon function that emits a flashing light to call for help or draw attention. In addition, some flashlights are also waterproof, explosion-proof, and shock-proof, making them more durable and suitable for harsh environments.

                                                      Flashlight attributes

                                                      Battery capacity 4500

                                                      Power supply form: charging

                                                      Material: aluminum alloy

                                                      Maximum range: more than 500 meters

                                                      Configure charger: Yes

                                                      Product Description

                                                      Penetra High power wick white laser

                                                      ting the Dark Tactics Master

                                                      High power wick white laser

                                                      Shoot through the night, bright as day

                                                      The dazzling light is about to explode

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                                                      UV Rays Flashlight

                                                      UV Rays Flashlight

                                                      We cordially invite you to purchase UV Rays Flashlight in bulk from Yokeit®. Our products have a substantial factory inventory and are CE certified. We'll give you excellent service and factory-direct savings.

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                                                      Sports Outdoor Flashlight

                                                      Sports Outdoor Flashlight

                                                      Yokeit®'s cooperative factory Hengshang Electronics is one of the famous manufacturers and suppliers of bright and durable laser flashlights and strong light flashlights in China. Our factory specializes in producing Sports outdoor flashlight

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                                                      Handheld Flashlight

                                                      Handheld Flashlight

                                                      Welcome to buy Handheld flashlight from us. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours. Handheld flashlight by Yokeit®It is one of the best in China

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                                                      As one of the professional China Flashlight manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. Welcome to buy high quality Flashlight from us. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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