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                                                      Folding Multifunctional Knife Pliers

                                                      Yokeit® is a Folding Multifunctional Knife Pliers belt wholesale manufacturer and supplier located in China. We are able to offer you more affordable pricing together with expert services. Please get in touch with us if you're interested in a multipurpose folding knife belt. We adhere to the values of guaranteed quality, careful pricing, and committed service.During the production process, we will strictly control product quality. If quality problems occur, we will make corresponding compensation. The quality and production efficiency of the products we produce are far ahead.

                                                      A multipurpose Folding Multifunctional Knife Pliers is a handy gadget that functions as both a belt and a knife. It typically includes an assortment of useful tools. The multifunctional folding knife belt can be used in everyday life and for emergency rescue repairs, but in order to prevent unintentional accidents, you must use it carefully and in accordance with safe operating procedures.

                                                      What is a multifunctional knife?

                                                      Multipurpose knife. Sturdy aluminum handle. Product size: 9.5 cm. Has 15 functions - 1. Large knife 2. Can opener 3. Phillips screwdriver 4. Leather punch 5. Bottle opener 6. Scissors 7. Needle 8. Slotted screwdriver 9. Fish scaler 10. Unhooker 11. Saw 12 .Bottle opener 13.Nail cleaner 14.Nail file 15.Keychain.

                                                      Can a multi-tool cut metal?

                                                      Yes – multi-tools like the Milwaukee M12FCOT-0 Cutting Tool can cut through metal. This means you can easily cut off excess screws that would otherwise be unsightly, if not dangerous. And, because the vibrating multi-tool is compact and portable, it's simple to navigate awkward angles and tight spaces.

                                                      Folding Multifunctional Knife Pliers parameters

                                                      Brand: Yokeit®

                                                      Blade tip angle: 65 degrees

                                                      Blade length: 7cm

                                                      Total length: 160cm

                                                      Knife handle length: 105cm

                                                      Model: GHK6 Pro

                                                      Wire clamp material: 440A stainless steel

                                                      Main knife material: 440A stainless steel

                                                      Scissors material: 440A stainless steel

                                                      Accessories material: 420 stainless steel

                                                      Open size:161X65X25MM

                                                      Closed size:105X38X25MM

                                                      Weight: 258G

                                                      Surface technology: metal sandblasting

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                                                      Multifunctional Knife Pliers

                                                      Multifunctional Knife Pliers

                                                      Expert Chinese Multifunctional Knife Pliers suppliers of multipurpose knife pliers. Yokeit® is a well-known Chinese manufacturer and provider of multipurpose knife pliers.

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                                                      Wilderness Survival Knife Pliers

                                                      Wilderness Survival Knife Pliers

                                                      Manufacturer and supplier of premium folding multipurpose knife pliers from China. Yokeit® is a Chinese manufacturer and provider of large folding Wilderness Survival Knife Pliers.

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                                                      As one of the professional China Folding Multifunctional Knife Pliers manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. Welcome to buy high quality Folding Multifunctional Knife Pliers from us. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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