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                                                      Metal Bulletproof Helmet
                                                      • Metal Bulletproof HelmetMetal Bulletproof Helmet

                                                      Metal Bulletproof Helmet

                                                      Yokeit® is a Metal Bulletproof Helmet supplier and manufacturer in China. We have been manufacturing bulletproof helmets for many years.

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                                                      Product Description

                                                      Yokeit® is a manufacturer of Metal Bulletproof Helmet that specializes in bulletproof head protection gear composed of metal that guards against impacts, threats from bullets, and shrapnel. Additionally, metal bulletproof hoods may weigh more than ones made of other materials, which could be uncomfortable for the wearer.

                                                      The following is a detailed introduction, function and characteristics of metal bulletproof helmets.

                                                      1.Material: Metal bulletproof helmets usually use high-strength metal materials, such as steel, aluminum, etc. These metals have good endurance and impact resistance, and can effectively protect against threats such as bullets and explosive fragments.

                                                      2:Bulletproof performance: Metal bulletproof head thieves can reduce the penetrating ability of bullets and provide protection to the head from direct impact through its strong metal shell. It can effectively reduce the risk of injury from firearms, shelling and explosion impacts.

                                                      3:Comfort and Adjustability: Although metal bulletproof helmets are heavier than other materials, designers often embed padding, shock-absorbing materials and comfort liners inside to provide better support and reduce the burden on the head. Meanwhile, metal bulletproof heads are usually equipped with adjustable straps and fixation systems to ensure proper wearing position and stability.

                                                      4:Durability: Metal bulletproof helmets have high durability due to the solidity of the material and are able to withstand multiple uses and long periods of service, making them suitable for tasks and environments that require long-term protection and durability.

                                                      5:Protection range: Metal bulletproof heads usually cover the entire head, including the top of the forehead, sides and rear, to provide all-round protection. This design ensures that all parts of the head are protected when impacted。

                                                      Metal Bulletproof HelmetMetal Bulletproof HelmetMetal Bulletproof HelmetMetal Bulletproof Helmet

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