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                                                      Military Bulletproof Bag

                                                      Direct manufacturer supply of military bulletproof bags from China. China-based Yokeit® is a major producer and supplier of military grade bulletproof bags.A military ballistic bag is a type of backpack made especially to protect the body. Typically, these bags are constructed from unique materials that are impervious to bullets, explosive fragments, and other harmful objects. Military operations, law enforcement, security, and personal and public safety requirements are just a few of the areas in which military bulletproof bags can be used.

                                                      A military ballistic bag is a backpack specifically designed to provide body protection. Such bags are usually made of special materials that can withstand penetration by bullets, explosive fragments and other offensive objects. The application scope of military bulletproof bags includes military operations, law enforcement and security work, as well as personal and public safety needs, but is not limited to these aspects.

                                                      Do bullet proof backpacks work?

                                                      Most are tested to Level 3A on the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) scale. This means they are rated to stop bullets from most common handguns and gauge shotguns. However, backpacks with this level of protection may not stop bullets from rifles or semi- automatic weapons , which require Level 3 or 4 armor.

                                                      Can you fly with a bulletproof backpack?

                                                      Whether you choose to have your ballistic protection in your checked bags or carry on bags, TSA rules and regulations state that body armor is allowed for either baggage . However, the TSA officer makes the final decision whether or not your kevlar body armor is allowed past that checkpoint.

                                                      Product related information

                                                      Product name: Bulletproof briefcase

                                                      Protection area: upper body protection

                                                      Product size: M/L/XL/2XL/3XL

                                                      Product performance: anti-cut/anti-slash/anti-scratch

                                                      Product features: concealed commuting, occupational protection, fashionable leisure, refreshing and comfortable, safety protection for overseas business and foreign travel

                                                      product details

                                                      1: Cut-resistant and slash-resistant high-performance nanofiber

                                                      2: Flexible material, refreshing and comfortable to wear

                                                      3: Concealed, wide applicability, stylish design, beautiful and elegant

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                                                      Aramid Bulletproof Briefcase

                                                      Aramid Bulletproof Briefcase

                                                      Popularly available, low-cost, premium aramid bulletproof briefcase manufactured in China. China-based Yokeit® is a major producer and supplier of aramid bulletproof briefcases.

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                                                      Bulletproof Briefcase

                                                      Bulletproof Briefcase

                                                      Chinese-made, premium bulletproof briefcase. Yokeit® is a well-known Chinese manufacturer and supplier of DC bulletproof briefcases.

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                                                      As one of the professional China Military Bulletproof Bag manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. Welcome to buy high quality Military Bulletproof Bag from us. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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