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                                                      Military Spring Stick

                                                      Military spring stick is primarily used in military and law enforcement operations. Its main features are elasticity and stretchability, allowing it to quickly extend and contract during use. This tool is typically made from lightweight yet strong materials and is designed to provide quick and effective self-defense and close combat capabilities。Directly supplied from China Military spring stick factory. Yokeit®is one of the large Military spring stick manufacturers and suppliers in China.

                                                      Military spring stick is widely used in military, police, security and other fields. Its primary uses include close-range defense, combat, and controlling potential threats. When emergency self-defense or violent resistance is required, military spring sticks can be deployed quickly and provide certain physical strike capabilities. In addition, it can also be used to deal with terrorists, rioters and other personnel involved in illegal activities.

                                                      The Military spring stick is a versatile military tool used for self-defense, close combat and controlling potential threats. It is characterized by elasticity, stretchability and lightness, and is widely used in military, law enforcement and security fields.

                                                      What is a tactical stick?

                                                      The expandable baton is basically a short steel stick . It is usually 50-60 cm long. While different types of locks can be used to maintain the baton in its deployed state, we work with a friction lock type of baton.

                                                      Can a stick be a weapon?

                                                      Sticks and staves of various sizes are common weapons in Asian martial arts , in which they vary in design, size, weight, materials and methodology, and are often used interchangeably and alongside open-hand techniques.

                                                      Product DescriptionProduct name: 26" spring stick

                                                      Size: 26 inches Weight: 650g

                                                      Closed size: 29cm Expanded size: 65.5cmMaterial: small tube: 4142 alloy steel; middle tube: 4142 alloy steel, large tube: 4142 alloy steel.

                                                      Pipe diameter: small pipe 11.5mm, medium pipe 16.5mm, large pipe 25mm

                                                      Locking structure: elastic mechanical locking

                                                      Handle: Fire rubber handle

                                                      Product features: All-steel quenching process, stainless steel portable pen buckle, one-click pop-up, stable locking force, no lock-up. The tail has a window-breaking function and can be equipped with a tail rope

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                                                      Self-Defense Spring Stick

                                                      Self-Defense Spring Stick

                                                      This serves as an introduction to the self-defense spring stick with the goal of enhancing your understanding of it. We invite both current and past clients to keep working with us to build a better future together!

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                                                      Multifunctional Spring Rod

                                                      Multifunctional Spring Rod

                                                      As one of the skilled China Military spring stick manufacturers and China Military spring stick factories, Yokeit® was formally established in 2019. We have strong leadership and comprehensive capabilities. We also possess our own export license. Our primary focus is producing a range of multifunctional spring rods and related products. We genuinely welcome your letters, calls, and inquiries for potential business collaboration. We operate under the guiding principles of quality orientation and customer priority. We guarantee to always provide you with high-quality services.

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                                                      Telescopic Swing Stick

                                                      Telescopic Swing Stick

                                                      Yokeit® is a reputable Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Telescopic swing sticks. You can buy wholesale or custom Telescopic swing sticks from our factory with confidence, and we guarantee the best after-sale support and prompt delivery.

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                                                      As one of the professional China Military Spring Stick manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. Welcome to buy high quality Military Spring Stick from us. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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