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                                                      Multifunctional Folding Knife Belt

                                                      Wholesale High Quality Low Discount Multifunctional Folding Knife Belt, Yokeit® Partner Jiaxing Hongdun Technology Co., Ltd.is a large-scale multi-function folding knife belt manufacturer and supplier in China. For many years, partners have been focusing on the development of such products.

                                                      Multifunctional folding knife belt has multiple functions, including blades, saw teeth, bottle openers, screwdrivers, etc., which can meet the needs of different scenarios. This belt can safely store tools such as blades in the belt, reducing the space occupied when carrying and providing safety protection.

                                                      Multifunctional folding knife belt is a multifunctional folding knife belt. Its main purpose is to provide portable cutting tools. It is widely used in outdoor activities and self-help survival in emergency situations. It can be used to handle food, cut rope, open cans, and more. At the same time, it can also be used as a tool for rescue and emergency treatment when encountering unexpected situations in the wild.

                                                      What knives do Army Rangers carry?

                                                      The M3 trench knife was developed to meet the needs of hand-to-hand combat in modern warfare. While it was designed for soldiers not equipped with bayonets, it was specifically designed for assault troops such as paratroopers and Rangers.

                                                      What knives do Israeli commandos use?

                                                      The Sheffield Israeli Commando Knife is a quality product made in the UK. It features a 7-inch black finish carbon steel blade, black finish steel guard and pommel. The blade has a large health groove and Star of David emblem. It comes with leather-wrapped handles and a brown leather belt holder.

                                                      Product Description[Product name]: Tactical belt

                                                      [Strap width]:3.8CM

                                                      [Buckle]: 5CMX9.5CM[One size fits all]: Can accommodate waist size 122CM

                                                      [Multi-functional secret universal tool box for waist]: 1. Nitride (TIN) coating, AUS-8 stainless steel folding knife 2. Dioxide fire starter 3. LED flashlight 4. Concealed bottle opener 5. Waterproof, heat-resistant Freeze-resistant, anti-UV+, anti-slip, wear-resistant, 1500PSI stretch-resistant belt 6. Ratchet-type adjustment buckle

                                                      [Belt buckle material]: PU/imitation leather

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                                                      Tactical Belt

                                                      Tactical Belt

                                                      Yokeit® is Tactical belt manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Tactical belt. We can provide professional service and better price for you. If you interested in Tactical belt products, please contact with us. We follow the quality of rest assured that the price of conscience, dedicated service.

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                                                      Multifunctional Tool

                                                      Multifunctional Tool

                                                      Direct Supply from Multifunctional Tool Factory in China. In China, Yokeit® is a significant supplier and manufacturer of multifunctional tools.

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                                                      As one of the professional China Multifunctional Folding Knife Belt manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. Welcome to buy high quality Multifunctional Folding Knife Belt from us. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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