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                                                      Non-Metallic Bulletproof Helmet
                                                      • Non-Metallic Bulletproof HelmetNon-Metallic Bulletproof Helmet

                                                      Non-Metallic Bulletproof Helmet

                                                      China-made bulletproof helmet without metal for wholesale purchase, currently in high demand. Yokeit® is a Non-Metallic Bulletproof Helmet manufacturer and supplier of non-metallic ballistic helmets.

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                                                      Product Description

                                                      To increase customer choice, Yokeit® also produces non-metallic ballistic helmets, which are head protective gear made of non-metallic materials and are designed to provide protection against shrapnel, bullet threats and impacts. Non-metallic bulletproof helmets are widely used in high-risk environments such as military, police, and security areas. When purchasing and using non-metallic bulletproof helmets, it is very important to strictly follow relevant safety standards and rules.

                                                      Compared to gold bulletproof helmets, they have the following points:

                                                      1:High-performance fiber materials: Non-metal bulletproof helmets often use high-performance fiber materials, such as polymer composite materials, aramid carbon fiber, etc. These materials have excellent strength and structural properties and can effectively resist the penetration of shrapnel and bullets.

                                                      2:Lightness and comfort: Due to the use of high-quality fiber materials, non-metallic anti-bullet robbers are relatively light, helping to reduce the burden on the wearer and provide better comfort. In addition, they are usually equipped with inner pads and adjustment systems. , to ensure proper wearing position and stability.

                                                      3:Multi-layer design: In order to improve bulletproof capabilities, non-metallic bulletproof helmets often adopt a multi-layer structure, including an outer shell, a buffer layer and an inner wall. This design helps absorb and disperse the impact energy from shrapnel and bullets, protecting the head from injury.

                                                      4:Protection range: Non-metallic bulletproof helmets usually cover key areas such as the top, sides and rear of the forehead to provide all-round head protection. Designers will take into account head anatomy and ergonomics to ensure that the head is securely fitted. Balance of fit and protective effect

                                                      5:Durability: Although non-metallic bulletproof helmets are not as durable as metal materials, high-performance fiber materials generally have better wear resistance and durability, allowing the helmet to withstand a certain degree of use and environmental stress.

                                                      Non-Metallic Bulletproof HelmetNon-Metallic Bulletproof HelmetNon-Metallic Bulletproof HelmetNon-Metallic Bulletproof Helmet

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