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                                                      Non-Metallic Composite Bulletproof Helmet
                                                      • Non-Metallic Composite Bulletproof HelmetNon-Metallic Composite Bulletproof Helmet

                                                      Non-Metallic Composite Bulletproof Helmet

                                                      Purchase Chinese-made non-metallic composite ballistic helmets. Yokeit® is a well-known Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Non-Metallic Composite Bulletproof Helmet. We are the leading bulletproof helmet OEM in China.

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                                                      Product Description

                                                      The Non-Metallic Composite Bulletproof Helmet is a composite structure head protective equipment made of non-metallic materials. In order to achieve better protection, the Yokeit® helmet shell is integrally pressed with aramid woven fabric. The helmet shell is 8.0mm thick. The bulletproof helmet It consists of outer cover, helmet shell (including edging) and suspension buffer system (including hood band, buffer layer, chin strap and connectors)。

                                                      The following is a detailed introduction, function and characteristics of non-metallic composite bulletproof heads:

                                                      1:Composite materials: Non-metallic composite bulletproof helmets are usually composited with a variety of high-performance fiber materials, such as polymer fibers, aramid fibers, carbon fibers, etc. These materials have excellent strength and lightweight properties and can be formed after stacking or interweaving combinations. Rugged bulletproof construction.

                                                      2:Bulletproof performance: By using composite materials, non-metallic composite bulletproof helmets can effectively resist the penetration of shrapnel and bullets, and provide reliable impact absorption and dispersion capabilities。

                                                      3:Lightness and comfort: Due to the use of high-quality composite materials, non-metallic composite bulletproof helmets are relatively light, which helps reduce the burden on the wearer and provides good wearing comfort.

                                                      4:Multi-layer design: Non-metallic composite bulletproof helmets often use a multi-layer composite structure, including outer shell, buffer layer and lining. Each layer has a different function, with the outer shell protecting against external threats, the cushioning layer absorbing and dispersing impact forces, and the inner lining increasing wearing comfort.

                                                      5:Durability: High-performance fiber materials usually have better wear resistance and durability. With reasonable use and maintenance, non-metallic composite bulletproof helmets can withstand a certain degree of use and environmental pressure.

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