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                                                      Shockproof And Explosion-Proof Helmet
                                                      • Shockproof And Explosion-Proof HelmetShockproof And Explosion-Proof Helmet

                                                      Shockproof And Explosion-Proof Helmet

                                                      Low price high quality shock and explosion proof helmets in stock. Yokeit® is a large manufacturer and supplier of shockproof and explosion-proof helmets in China. For many years we have been specializing in the category of explosion-proof helmets.

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                                                      Product Description

                                                      The primary purpose of Yokeit®'s explosion- and vibration-resistant helmets is to protect wearers from impacts and vibrations. Additionally, they make use of unique structures and high-strength materials, like anti-shock layers, lightweight designs, and adjustment systems. It should be remembered, though, that explosion- and shock-proof helmets are not impervious to every kind of assault. To protect himself, the wearer must pay close attention to his surroundings.

                                                      Shockproof and explosion-proof helmet has the following elements and characteristics:

                                                      1:Shock resistance: Shock-proof and explosion-proof helmets use various cushioning materials, such as polymer foam, shock-absorbing materials or air cushions, etc., to absorb and disperse the impact force from vibrations. This can reduce the impact and vibration on the head.

                                                      2:Explosion-proof layer: The interior of the helmet usually contains an explosion-proof layer, such as explosion-proof materials or flexible materials, which can effectively reduce the impact of the pressure and impact of the explosion on the head. This layer cushions the impact of explosions and protects the head from fragments and hits.

                                                      3:High-strength materials: Shock-proof and explosion-proof helmets usually use high-strength materials to increase the impact resistance of the head. These materials have excellent strength and stiffness properties and are capable of absorbing and dispersing impact forces.

                                                      4:Adjustment system and fixing straps, shock-proof and explosion-proof helmets are usually equipped with an adjustable system and fixing straps to ensure that the helmet fits the head securely, thereby providing better protection.5:

                                                      Protective visor: Some shock and blast helmets also come with a removable visor for additional facial protection.

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