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                                                      Solar Street Light

                                                      Solar street light is a human body sensing 10 meter long distance light produced by Yokeit®. The solar photovoltaic panel lights up when there is light and has the function of storing electricity. Yokeit® is a manufacturer and exporter of high quality and low discount Solar street light. One of the businessmen.

                                                      Solar street light is a street light that uses solar energy to generate electricity. It converts sunlight into electricity through solar panels and stores it in batteries, then uses the energy from those batteries to light up the streets at night. Solar street light has been sold in large quantities in different countries around the world due to its environmental protection, economy, and easy installation.

                                                      Solar street light has a wide range of applications

                                                      Street and public area lighting: Solar street light can be used for lighting in urban, rural roads, squares and other public places to provide a safe lighting environment.

                                                      1: Building exterior lighting: It can be used for the lighting needs of building facades, parking lots, campuses and other places.

                                                      2:Rural and remote areas: Solar street lights can meet the street lighting needs of rural and remote areas, solving the problem of insufficient or unavailable power.

                                                      3:Tourist attractions and leisure parks: suitable for lighting in various tourist attractions, parks and other outdoor places.

                                                      Cross-border assets

                                                      Cross-border package weight: 28kg

                                                      Unit weight: 0.8kg

                                                      Product volume: 51cm * 45cm * 69cm

                                                      Product parameters

                                                      Material: ABS

                                                      Colour: Black

                                                      Light color: white light

                                                      Light source: LED

                                                      Switch: traditional switch/remote control

                                                      Charging method:solar charging

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                                                      Remote Solar Street Light

                                                      Remote Solar Street Light

                                                      Yokeit® is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of remote solar street lights that are available in bulk. For you, we can offer more affordable prices and expert service. Should you be considering a remote solar street light products, kindly get in touch with us. We adhere to the standard of conscience-driven, committed service at the cost of quality assurance.

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                                                      Human Body Sensing Solar Street Light

                                                      Human Body Sensing Solar Street Light

                                                      These pertain to the news about human body sensing solar street light, where you can find out about the most recent developments in the field to aid in your understanding and exploration of human body sensing solar street light.industry. Given the dynamic nature of the Human Body Sensing Solar Street Light market, it is advised that you bookmark our website so that we can regularly update you with the most recent information.

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                                                      Waterproof Solar Street Light

                                                      Waterproof Solar Street Light

                                                      An introduction to waterproof solar street lights is provided below in the hopes that Yokeit® will clarify things for you. We invite both current and past clients to keep working with us to build a better future together!

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                                                      As one of the professional China Solar Street Light manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. Welcome to buy high quality Solar Street Light from us. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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