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Production Equipment

The company has its own production team and technical team as well as military-type production equipment: for example, the technical field of bulletproof helmet production equipment specifically includes a workbench. The upper surface of the workbench is equipped with paint buckets, pressure pumps, movable tanks, and bulletproof helmets. Placement rod A, bulletproof helmet placement rod B and bulletproof helmet placement rod C. There is a cavity inside the workbench. The cavity and the movable groove are interconnected. There is a discharge pipe on the left side of the paint bucket. The surface of the discharge pipe is in line with the The upper surface of the workbench is movablely connected, and the discharge pipe is fixedly connected to the right side of the pressure pump, etc. This modern flow production line, combined with a complete and scientific management model, can better meet customers' needs for military products. We will also take environmental protection and safety (flame retardant) as the premise for research and development, and use practicality and affordability as the design concept. After several years of accumulation, thanks to the support and love of new and old foreign customers, we have achieved today's results, and also created a good corporate image and reputation. Our products are mainly exported to Russia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions, and we hope to cover more countries in the future.
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