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                                                      Military Half Hand Gloves
                                                      • Military Half Hand GlovesMilitary Half Hand Gloves
                                                      • Military Half Hand GlovesMilitary Half Hand Gloves

                                                      Military Half Hand Gloves

                                                      The factory directly sells cheaply constructed military half-finger gloves manufactured in China. China's Yokeit® is a Military Half Hand Gloves and supplier of military half finger gloves.

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                                                      Product Description

                                                      Military half-finger gloves are a type of glove designed for military and tactical applications. In China they are one of the high-quality equipment commonly used by military personnel, police, special forces, snipers and other personnel who require a high degree of flexibility and protection.

                                                      Military Half Hand Gloves has the following functions and features:

                                                      1:Protect Your Hands: Military half-finger gloves are made from high-quality materials such as sturdy leather, synthetic fibers or steel mesh. These materials effectively protect hands from cuts, scrapes, impacts and punctures.

                                                      2:Enhanced flexibility: This glove provides users with full finger flexibility and sensitivity, allowing them to use their hands freely for various operations, such as operating weapons, switching buttons, holding objects, etc.

                                                      3:Provide anti-slip properties: Military half-finger gloves often have non-slip palms to increase the hand's grip on objects. This gives the user greater control over weapons, tools, or other equipment.

                                                      4:Breathability and Comfort: These gloves typically feature breathable holes and moisture-absorbent materials to provide a comfortable fit and reduce excessive hand sweating.

                                                      5:Half-finger design: This glove has openings at the ends of the thumb and four fingers, leaving the finger tips exposed, allowing users to better operate fine work and touch the screen.

                                                      6:Protective areas: Gloves usually focus on protecting the palm, knuckles and back of the hand. These areas are often the most vulnerable to injury on the hands, so it is important to provide additional protection.

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