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How to wear special forces vest stab proof suit


1. Make sure the vest is clean and tidy without any damaged or worn parts.

2. Unroll the vest to ensure that the front and back of the vest are correct.

3. Pass the vest over your head so that it hangs over your shoulders.

4. Pull down the sides of the vest so that it fits your body.

5. Fasten the side adjustment belt of the vest to ensure that the vest fits the body closely, but not too tight.

6, check whether the vest fit the body, there is no loose or too tight place.

7, make sure that the waistcoat neckline and hem are fitted to the body, there is no loose place.

8. Check all parts of the vest to make sure that there are no loose places or parts of the vest are rolled up.

9, after wearing, conduct a self-check to ensure that every part of the vest is properly worn.

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