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Will the U.S. armed in the Yemen States began to fight?


Everyone knows where the Yemen is, and whether the Suez Canal on the Red Sea route is open. Therefore, the Charis armed operation is called the greatest overflow effect of Palestinian -Israeli conflict. They put tremendous pressure on Israel, the United States, and Europe. In this situation, the United States and Israel have begun countermeasures. Israel has deployed Sal -class missiles to this sea area, and the United States has also begun to quickly transfer the aircraft carriers originally deployed in the Persian Gulf to Aden Gulf. Seeing what the United States said, it was announced that more allies will be carried out in the Red Sea. The US media also revealed that it will fight for military crackdown on Hussean armed forces. Then a new question appears, what is the United States doing the Houthi armed forces? war? What kind of crackdown will the United States carry out Hassas armed forces? At present, the most likely countermeasures that the United States is targeted at the Castle Armed Forces against the Red Sea Shipping is the so -called escort. In fact, the escort forces have appeared, and the U.S. warship (Alibaba) K -class destroyer has been operating in the Red Sea, and claims to shot down a drone from the direction of Yemen. It was even reported that it shot down a anti -ship missile launched by Hussean. However, it is clear that this small scale cannot prevent the threat of Hassas for armed forces on the Red Sea Shipping, so the United States announced that it is the international escort of more countries to form the Red Sea Shipping. This should be the most likely and most realistic military countermeasures in the United States. Of course, simply escorting is a passive behavior. After all, the Hascean armed attack on the Red Sea Shipping did not come from sea, but from land. It mainly relies on land -based anti -ship missiles and various attack drones. It is basically a state of passive beating by escort. This passive beating state can produce a certain effect, but no one guarantees that no one guarantees No blow from Yemenshore, it will not cause new results to maritime shipping, especially this blow has led to the rise in maritime shipping insurance premiums, which has a huge impact on the cost of maritime shipping. Therefore It is limited and not enough.

What do you do next? The biggest possibility is to hit the key targets of Yemenhason Armed on land. Of course, this strike is mainly based on maritime and air strikes. This situation is often seen in the previous US military combat. Familiar with a combat method. For the United States, the use of this crackdown can be said to be a light car. From the existing force in the United States in this region, it should be said that the United States is also eager to implement such a blow to the Hassas armed forces. , But the problem faced by this blow is: Once the effect is not necessarily good, after all, the Hassas armed forces are the armed forces in the local area, not the national armed for everyone in the traditional impression, fight? hit what? fry? What is fried? If a large -scale "Tomahawk" missile and other missiles are attacked, a large number of warships and aircraft displacement can only destroy the launching point of several drones and the launch base of the missile. It is very poor, and through such a blow to completely solve the threat of Hassas armed forces on the Red Sea shipping, I am afraid that a large question mark must be hit. The only possible effect is that the military crackdown may cause greater pressure on the Houthi armed forces, scaring Hassy forces, and forcing him to close it.

Will the United States do upgrade military operations next? Implement larger large -scale operations including ground combat operations. It is almost certain that if the United States implements larger -scale combat operations, especially ground combat, it should be able to have a significant blow to the Hassy forces in a short time, and it will also make the Houthi armed and pay the price of production. The key is this form of combat, especially ground combat. Once it starts, it is easy to fight, but the end may not be simple, and such actions will directly cause a large number of casualties of U.S. military personnel. If the combat operation is delayed for a long time, it is difficult to say about the final result, so the United States is armed in Hassas. If the war starts, the main military operations should be these three categories; then will the United States start fighting? Intersection In fact, when it comes to this problem, it is not the comparison of the power of both parties to decide whether the United States will start, because the comparison of the power of the two sides is now there, and the Hassas armed forces were nicknamed the "slippers". He is from the overall strength, tactics, technology, and equipment. It is far from the US military, and it is not in a dimension at all, so it is obviously not the correct conclusion from the perspective of military force comparison. So what determines whether the U.S. military will fight? I think the key is that he has to consider this issue from the aspects of diplomacy and politics, because once the United States fights against Hassas, it means that the overflow of the battle of Gaza will formally form, and the intensity of spillover will reach a very high ones The intensity, even exceeding the strength of the battlefield battle itself, and once the United States personally ended, the implementation of the Herse armed armed blowing means that the United States has ended directly in the Pakistani conflict of Pakistan and Israel. In particular, it will have a great impact on the image of the United States in the Islamic world in the Arabian Arabian world. After the two, the United States will face the scarce and attack and attack on the world's goals. This is probably the most worried issue in the United States, so Whether the United States will start war against Houthi forces is to see if the United States can pass a series of diplomatic operations and pull the main Arab countries that play in the Middle East into his combat camp. It is very difficult in the background of Palestine's conflict, but it will be difficult for the United States to make a decision to crack down on the Hassy armed forces if it is not done. What is it?

I believe that what the United States does now must carry out various diplomatic activities, do work in the Middle East Gulf area, and see what attitude of the Middle East Gulf countries on the Huasai armed forces and what kind of military operations that Hussean armed in the Red Sea. Attitude. What attitude of the war against the Chinese armed forces that may launch in the United States is held. No such diplomatic operations are completed, the diplomatic achievements that the United States wants can not be obtained, and the recognition support of the main Arab countries in the Middle East Gulf region cannot be obtained. It will also be worthless, do you mean to fight yourself?