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The latest dynamics of the Middle East


From Abu Dhabi National News, there are headlines from the Melina region. The Israeli Defense Minister Jeff Garant said that after the war, Gaza would not be ruled by Israel or Hamas. As a wider tension intensified, US Secretary of State Anthony Brincken began to visit the area again. They did not want the war to stop, and the U.S. military attacked an armed organization supported by Iranian in the eastern Baghdad in the eastern part of Baghdad, causing one commander and the other two to die. Thousands of people attended the funeral of Hamas leader Salich Arri, who was assassinated in Baghdad. Pay attention to the latest developments here.

According to the plan of Joha Garrant, Israel's attack on Gasha will continue, until the remaining hostage returned by the hijacking on October 7, disintegrated Hamas's "military and governance capabilities" and eliminated any military threats. Essence

The Pentagon said that a large number of production drones and the situation in the Middle East, Baghdad's attacks led to a commander who launched an attack on Iraq and the US military in Iraq and Syria. This seemingly -without scale war is extremely harmful. Now the country is remotely controlled by drones.

Last week, the funeral of Hamas senior official Salih Ali Ali, who was assassinated in the Lebanon capital Israel, had various backgrounds and classes to participate in: Palestinians, Lebanese, women and children in various backgrounds and classes. , Politicians and Blogs. But how will the Allah will retaliate? Pay attention to our shop, which is more exciting in the future.

In Anthony Brinken's recent visit to the region, it is expected to go to the UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the west bank of Jordan, and Egypt.

The UAE strongly condemned the two Ministers in Israel to call on a statement to drive the Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip.


As the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Cassim Suleimani was assassinated, Isis claimed that he was responsible for the two drones that killed nearly 100 people. Analysis: Will Iran be restrained or provocative?


US Navy officials said yesterday that the Hassas armed forces launched an unmanned ship full of explosives from Yemen to Honghai International Channel, but they exploded before hitting any ship. They often used drones to block the United States and Europe by drones. Boat.

Lord of the British Foreign Minister Cameron said that the attack of the Hussean armed forces will trigger a action that is dedicated to defending the freedom of Honghai's navigation, and will conduct large -scale blows in the Yamen Hassy forces in January. Hatshayhose armed forces can only be the drone to attack.

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